Weekly Pick: Young Empires – Wake All My Youth [EP]

The time has come to bust out the new playlists and add new tunes that will inevitably become your soundtrack for summer. Well, for me anyway. If you are like me and like to keep things updated on the old ipod, then keep an eye on my weekly picks. I’ll be adding new weekly pics in order to keep things fresh, for myself and anyone generous enough to read my blog or visit my website. I’m not going to go into too much depth with these pieces, just give a recommendation and brief overview of what you can expect with said pick.
Young Empires – Wake All My Youth [EP]
Released: Jan. 31, 2012
Toronto’s Young Empireshave been increasingly making their presence felt. Their new groove-driven, dance-causing, merrymaking debut release ‘Wake All My Youth’ EP follows indie electro-rock forefathers Passion Pit and Empire of the Sun in creating genre-defying eclectic songs. They released their EP through Pirates Blend, who also represent the likes of Bedouin Soundclash (a long time personal favourite of mine). The EP itself is a logical extension of the original ‘Enter Through the Sun’ release in 2011, combining synth, beat-laden and bass heavy aspects with raw guitar riffs and stunning vocals. Their songs have also reached top spots on Canadian charts and the Top 15 on The Hype Machine. It is undeniably fun from start to finish. It should prove to be a solid basis from which to create a full-length album in the (hopefully near) future.

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  • All of your picks are stellar…Ottawa is long overdue for a blog of this caliber. Many major artists skip this town on their international tours, however we are incredeibly fortunate to get some of the best indie up and comers (Purity Ring and Born Gold, Bluesfest will have Young Empires, Youth Lagoon, Sleigh Bells, Blitzen Trapper, Dirty Projectors, !!!, Pack AD). Now, if only we could convince those so opposed to hearing new music to just try and seek out something new, something fresh. What a challenging endeavor this is…Public opinion begins to change as opinion leaders publicize their thoughts in spheres like this. Keep it going, this is both appreciated and necessary.PS I Love You tomorrow night will be nothing short of awesome.

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