Ottawa hip-hop duo Buck N’ Nice released the video “So Strong For So Long” from their upcoming debut album Us Versus Them.

The video, shot by videographer Alexandre Desjardins of EtCetera Productions, focuses on rapper SawBuck, who spends the near entirety of the video looking into the camera while moving between different places. The rapper lays in bed, showers, brushes his teeth, plays Playstation, pumps gas, goes to the studio, and performs many other activities, all while staring directly at the viewer. This break in the fourth wall is made even more dramatic by the many appearances of producer and DJ So Nice, who stays in character for the entire video. This style lends a much more intimate visual atmosphere to the vocals. The concept behind the lack of movement by SawBuck, who stands still through almost the whole video, is a commentary on the current state of hip-hop. At the end of the video, you can see the rapper approach the camera and close a door on the viewer while he is in the studio. This was also not accidental and SawBuck had this to say about it:

“The movement at the end of the video represents that sometimes you have to take action into your own hands, which we’re choosing to do, rather than sit back and watch the game become something we can’t endorse. Hence why I closed the door, keeping myself in the studio.

SawBuck’s lyrics describe a failed relationship, a metaphor for his relationship with hip-hop. The rapper is known for an impressive vocabulary and flow, two talents he makes great use of in the song. But “So Strong For So Long” also shows he is capable of writing to a concept without having to surrender any of the technical prowess. The instrumentation of “So Strong For So Long” grabs you instantly and features pianos, sub bass, luscious synths, deep kicks, and follows SawBuck to a tee. DJ So Nice’s production is a blend of traditional hip-hop with enough new school to stay fresh, all curated by an ear that certainly knows the roots of the music it’s making. So Nice is not only an accomplished producer, but DJ as evident by the scratch outro. And that last sentence is not doing him justice.

Catch Buck N’ Nice Nov. 22nd at their release party alongside Flight Distance and Tukan at House Of TargUs Versus Them drops October 9th.