New Video: Blve Hills – She Won’t


Ottawa probably seems like the last place in the world that beach-friendly surf rock would come out of, other than Moscow… maybe. But Cody Parnell, a.k.a. Blve Hills, has different ideas.

Blve Hills has released two records, both this year and both over ten tracks long. Pretty impressive, especially for a guy that seems like he was made for the chill beach bum life on the Gold Coast in Australia. It’s refreshing to see someone make music without taking themselves too seriously, and Parnell’s fun and laid back songwriting style is a much-needed dose of summer now that the cold weather is starting to make its way upon us. Fans of Mac DeMarco will feel right at home with this one.

The video for “She Won’t” off Blve Hill’s most recent LP She’s Still Here follows suit, and you can’t help but smile at its goofy concept while watching.

“I don’t think I’ve ever went the serious route while making a video,” explains Parnell. “It takes away from the fun. I’m not really much of a serious guy either.”

Filmed at the beach while back home in Orillia, Ontario, the dramatic rescue attempt of Parnell’s red guitar leaves us in suspense the duration of the video. The adversity he endures includes a death-defying rescue of the guitar in the treacherous waters of Lake Simcoe, as well as being shot at with water guns by children while playing said guitar. Although the ultimate fate of the instrument is uncertain in the video, we got an inside scoop from Parnell. “The guitar did survive the making of the video, and will live to make it through another.”

That’s pretty great news. We were worried there for a few minutes.

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