New Music: LP1 by No Fuss


Ottawa power-pop duo No Fuss have released their first full album, titled LP1. This is the band’s second release – last January they put out a three-song EP appropriately named EP1. I think I’ve spotted a trend here…

LP1 is a 9-track rocker of an album with only one song clocking in over 3 minutes. The album kicks off with an infectious and sing-a-long worthy tunes called “Up To You,” which would certainly call for you and your friends to rush to the front of the stage and yell “leave it up to!” right back at them.

Chris Cook takes care of the strumming and most of the singing, while Mark takes care of the drumming and backup vocals. Chris is the lead vocals on the majority of songs, and fans of FINDERSKEEPERS and The Sir John A. MacDonalds will recognize his unique voice and style. Mark’s vocals provide an excellent balance, and compliments Chris’ well. They do, however, feature more prominently on a few songs, such as “Rat Breath.”

My favourite song on the album is the seventh song titled “Old Truths,” which I fell in love with last summer when I saw them perform it live. It really jumps out at you off the album thanks to Mark’s rolling drums setting the stage for Chris’ opening line “We’ve both got symbols of things we lost / I’ve got my pictures and you’ve got your bloody cross / But we disagree of what’s deep inside / You think it’s spirit and I think it’s empty pride.” The song really paints a great picture of the importance of perspective when thinking of religion and how people talk about it and justify their acts with it.

Have about 35 minutes to kill? Listen to No Fuss’ debut album below and go see them play live tonight as they open for Screaming Females at House of Targ – show info here.

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