Gallery: Rich Aucoin & Taylor Knox at House of TARG

Rich Aucoin1

“HOOOLY” was what I yelled onto Bank Street as I exited House of TARG last Wednesday evening. When a Wednesday night show has more energy than a Friday night, you know it was something else. Rich Aucoin never fails to blow my mind and leave me wanting more. His sets are as theatrical as they are magic as he blows the roof off any venue he steps foot in, large or small.

The Halifax native draws people in with videos and inspirational voice overs, throwing himself at you through lights, confetti and, well, he quite literally throws himself into the crowd… known for his signature light bulb and parachute, his songs are catchy and keep the crowd dancing from start to finish.

Taylor Knox opened the night for Rich with their alternative indie sound. Toronto based musician had a full sound for his set before he jumped in and assisted Rich with his set, helping him have synchronized drum kits on either side of the small TARG stage. Overall the night can be described as colorful, incredibly sweaty and electrifying. If Rich Aucoin ever passes through your town, even if it’s on a Wednesday night, you’ve gotta stop what you’re doing and get out there.

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