New Video: “Finger Food” by Deathsticks


Noisy punk duo Deathsticks recently released their first video as a band for their new song “Finger Food” off their yet to be released EP Deathsnacks.

Originally from Peterborough, guitarist Matt Post and drummer Laura Klinduch now call the nation’s capital home, and the Ottawa scene is certainly better for it. The video revolves around the band breaking vinyls and using them in various ways such as throwing them against the side of a house, smashing them with a hammer, flushing them down a toilet and using them as a drum sticks or cymbals. They also light three different candles with pictures of dogs on them, one by one, throughout the video to ultimately have them all lit on a coffee table. Not sure what it represents, if anything, but they are pretty cool candles.

Watch the video below and catch them band live when they release Deathsnacks while opening for B.A. Johnston and Steve Adamyk Band on April 27th at House of Targ, details here.