Beau’s Oktoberfest Must Go On: Cancer Bats, Flatliners and more

Beau’s 10th annual Oktoberfest in Vankleek Hill, Ontario, got off to a rocky start as a pair of tornadoes ripped through the Ottawa and Gatineau region, bringing torrential down pours with them. While many were turned away and many of us on a buses were sent home before ever getting off, those who were already on site or got there on their own were treated to some great tunes and delicious suds.

Music was cancelled on the main stage but the show did go on at the Black Forest Stage where the punks were a rocking once the whether cleared up. Our photographer Aidan Thatcher was there for Cancer Bats, The Flatliners, K-Man and the 45s, and it was all hosted by the lovable Remi Royale.

Big shoutout to Beau’s staff and volunteers for all their hard work Friday in such a chaotic situation.


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