Starting Things Off – What I’m About

Hello. My name is Matias. 

So I’ve decided to take on this new project to create a website and blog about the Ottawa music scene. What do I really mean by this? Well to be completely honest it gives me a great excuse to: 

a) go to a lot of shows, 
b) meet lots of new people involved with live music and arts in Ottawa, 
c) use my supposed writing skills in a way that doesn’t include Political Science jargon, and 
d) help showcase some of Ottawa’s local talent as well as acts who have decided to not forget about this nice little city between Toronto and Montreal. 
I’m also starting this because I have lived in Ottawa for a while now (previously grew up in London, ON) and honestly believe that there is a thriving music scene here – and, while not necessarily recognized as such across Canada – I believe it should be documented and spread. What I do know is that in cities like Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver, there are countless websites, blogs, groups, boards, and small armies that help create a rich and undying environment for music-loving folk. 
I think that us in Ottawa have that same passion, but then again we don’t have millions of people from which to create our small armies… Let me just say this – I hate when people say that “Ottawa is great, but it’s a government town.” Part of me wants to say ‘shut it’ when that is said, and the other part sympathizes with this perceived inferiority complex to the music scenes of bigger cities in Canada – and the world. 
Well I’m here to say that is all bullshit. Ottawa has some great venues, radio stations, music stores, studios, and a hell of a lot of musical talent waiting to be thrust upon the world. My self-appointed job will be to join the other ambitious and established bloggers in Ottawa such as Apt613, Photogmusic, Spotlight Ottawa and Byward of Mouth, to help bring the music community together – a spot for musicians, fans, venue owners, or anyone who enjoys busting their eardrums on a week night to access information on the Ottawa music scene. 
So here it goes. The website will be online this week sometime, as I’m putting the finishing touches on it and making sure it’s good to go. I hope to be able to run into people at shows, maybe even share a beer. Until then, feel free to get in touch with me at