Video: BEACH HOUSE – Lazuli (Official)

Think what you will about music videos, but I still believe that they can be an incredibly effective compliment to a song, or album. Ever since I accidentally flipped to Muchmusic when I was 6 and watched Green Jelly’s “Three Little Pigs” (which was horrifying at that age, to say the least) I have been intrigued by what music videos have to offer. Nothing can really replace how the song actually makes you feel when you listen to it, whether it be the bassline, rhythm, lyrics, or a simple guitar riff. However, in some cases – and I say some because the music video world is populated mostly by idiots – the video provides another dimension to the music. Beach House seems to take that quite literally with their video for ‘Lazuli’ which mostly takes place in the 4th dimension. For some reason it reminds me of ‘Paranoid Android’, a video which we all know and love. Maybe it is the presence of despairing characters. Or maybe it’s because no one has a frigging clue what is happening throughout either.
Nonetheless, I love it. A cool video for an even cooler song. Cheers to director Allen Cordell and his brain.