Elephants Dreams


The two main characters are on a journey in the folds of a giant Machine, exploring the twisted and dark complex of wires, gears and cogs. Until one moment a conflict arises that throws out all their assumptions. This movie short couples lively fun with passionate characters in an epic story line.

The whole movie was about showing off the prowess and muscularity of the Blender app. A lot of people still are oblivious of the sheer versatility of free software. This movie was created to, above all else, show what Blender could do — not for the sheer objective of entertainment. Most viewer are certain to have been drawn to seeing this movie because, let’s face it, they like CGI movie. Isn’t that why we all scrambled to see THE SPIRITS WITHIN when it first came out? Well, yes, agreed, The Elephants Dream doesn’t make it too far when you rate it by how intelligent or intelligible the underlying message of the project is. Like I’ve been trying to point out; it wasn’t made to match any Danielle Steel novel. It was made to show that you can achieve GREAT animation with Blender. You mustn’t always take recourse to apps like Maya and 3D studio Max. Absolutely free software can make great movie!