Weekly Pick: Hannah Georgas – “Enemies”

Canada has been serving up some of the world’s best female singer-songwriters since before many of us were born, and I can’t see any signs of things changing anytime soon. Musicians like Feist and Kathleen Edwards have helped carry the torch to a new generation of Canadians, bringing honesty, beauty and divine musicianship that seems lacking in a time where women in popular music are presented as an image instead of a artist. Hannah Georgas is set to release her sophomore album this October under her new label Dine Alone out of Toronto, who also represent others such as City & Colour, Hey Rosetta!, Yukon Blonde and Dinosaur Bones. Her new single “Enemies” is an example of a musical evolution, she breaks out of her shell and borrows elements from different genres to make the sound her own. There is an ethereal aspect to this song that brings together poeticism and beauty in her vocals and instrumentation that caught my attention instantly. The new album will also feature Graham Walsh from Holy Fuck, Ryan Guldemond and Ali Siadat from Mother Mother, Ted Gowan from Tegan and Sara, and Andrew Braun from Rococode. It’s just too bad that we have to wait until October to hear it, and if it follows the gripping nature of this track, should be one of this year’s best. I’ll leave you with opening lyrics from the song and a live, in-studio performance of the song from an exclusive CBC Music Session. 

We’re in a sea full of sharks
Just swimming around and around if we get caught
They’re gonna taste our blood
You leave a trail and the word will get out
That we’re all lost and ready to kill

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RFQ2advYqJ0]