Mehdi Cayenne Club spiced up Pressed Saturday night


Mehdi Cayenne Club brought their political angst, bleeding heart and mighty fine rock to Pressed Saturday night.

The Ottawa group, lead by the eclectic and energetic Mehdi Hamdad, rattled off great tunes, new and old.  Some things you can count on at a Mehdi Cayenne Club show are: great dance moves, disappointment towards Canadian politics and the state of our democracy and a set of songs filled with emotion. Anthems such as “Les zamers zindiens” and the oh so catchy “Ô Canada,” hammer the political nail on the head.

Mehdi Cayenne Club shows are so refreshing because not only does the music span many genres, but the concerts are bilingual.  In fact, many of the songs played are sung entirely in French or in both English and French. This is rather rare to find, even in this bilingual town. This is just another element which ensures that no Mehdi Cayenne Club show is the same as the last.

The wonderful set also had flashes of awesome electric organ solos from François Gravel, some of which had an 8-bit sound to them, which I found very cool.  The band is working on a new album which set to be released at the end of May. And if this Saturday night was a sign of things to come, I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy.

Mehdi Cayenne Club is definitely a great act to see live. Don’t believe me, well maybe the fact that they have been invited to play Bluesfest will sway the argument in my favour.  Speaking of which, don’t miss our previews of the many great local acts playing Bluesfest, Mehdi Cayenne Club shall surely be featured.

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