Video: Matias interviews Canadian indie legends Elliott Brood for Herdmag

elliott brood, ottawa. herd magazine, westfest, 2013

I got the opportunity to sit down with one of my favourite Canadian bands, Elliott Brood, last weekend at Westfest. As some of you may know, I’m also the Music Editor for Herd Magazine, a position which certainly comes with its perks. One thing we’re really starting to push for at Herd is more media content online, because people like that sort of thing on the interweb. Well, and because it’s interesting (in a different way than a physical magazine can be). Let’s just say this is the first of many. Mark, Casey, and Steve were very genuine, down to earth guys that were happy to sit down and discuss their music with a lowly avid fan. The video was shot with the talented Shooter McNally and Mark Delaney. Big shout-out to Rosalyn at Westfest for making this happen! Here’s what they had to say.

And of course, the band and I!

elliott brood, ottawa. westfest. herd magazine, herdmag, herd mag, matias munoz