Liferuiner took over Club Saw Wednesday night and tore it up.

Fresh off the release of their kick ass new album, Future Revisionists, these Toronto rockers came to throwdown.  Lead singer, Jonny O’Callaghan, spent the whole set in the in front of the stage at Club Saw, who needs a stage when you have a dance floor. They played some of my favourite songs ”You Look Better When Your Drunk” and ”Straight Edge.” They also rocked some sweet new tracks, including ”Dream Catching.” Johnny took a moment to address what he considers a big problem in the current scene right now.

”There is a trend in the punk, hardcore and metal scene right now and it is apathy. People think if you don’t care for anything you can disregard everything and that its not right. We are a band that stands for the importance of is social equality.” They then played ”Fissure,” a song where they stand up for gay rights.  Check out the series ”Through the Eyes of” for more insight into what the band stands for. They closed their rager of a set with the beautiful ”1990.” It was pretty freaking cool to watch the lead singer of of Being As An Ocean, Joel Quartuccio, just tear up the pit for a few songs (a super nice guy, but don’t get in this mans way in the pit).

Before Liferuiner was Being As An Ocean. This sweet hardcore band from Alpine, California had the most epic moment of the night. The second song they played ”The Hardest Part is Forgetting Those You Swore You’d Never” where 3/4 of the crowd swarmed the singer to get as close to the mic and sing along.  He was great to pass the mic around to as many different people as he could.  And when the song brokedown, the place went nuts with bodies flying left and right. That set the stage for a show where the mic was in a fans face almost as much as it was the lead singer’s. They put an end to their show with the ever powerful ”Dear G-d.”

The other touring band was Prophets from Hamilton, who were awesome. This hardcore band is for sure one of my new favourites. With the lead singer in the crowd and the band blasting through the set, I am certainly not their only new fan from last night.  They played ”Clockwise” which has the awesome lyric  ”a chance lost is a chance you never took,” and finished with ”Headrush,” where he put the mic down and screamed the chorus out loud.  It was a very cool sight.

The local acts that kicked off the evening were Infiltration and Obyrne. Infiltration had great energy and a song with sweet base solo. Obyrne have great enthusiasm and just need to tighten up a little, but both bands are doing well for such a young acts. I have to give Obyrne’s lead singer props for standing up to the people in the crowd laughing at the the kid dancing to them. Good on ya man.