Last Call: Vieux Loup at The Manx

Vieux Loup playing at The Manx during the Last Call concert series.

What better way to start off the last week of October than with smooth jams on a cold, brisk night in the intimate setting of The Manx?

Vieux Loup, alter ego for The Acorn frontman Rolf Klausener, was joined by The Acorn drummer Pat Johnson & multi-instrumentalist Adam Saikaley. They opened with ”All Tomorrow’s Parties” by The Velvet Underground, a tribute to the iconic singer, guitarist and poet Lou Reed, who passed away on Sunday.

”A blackened shroud, a hand-me-down gown

Of rags and silks, a costume

Fit for one who sits and cries

For all tomorrow’s parties”

-Lou Reed

The beautiful rendition drove home the harsh reality that Lou is truly gone. Sunday mornings will never be the same. The cover broke my heart in the most perfect way. Very well done, lads.

Getting back to the task at hand, it was great to see so many locals supporting locals. The place was packed and there were several members from local bands there enjoying the event. I have always loved the underground, secret, hidden-gem feeling of The Manx. Their beer selection is incredible and chock full of local craft beers. Let us not forget their whiskeys, oh their delicious whiskeys.

Pat 's awesome drum set-up.
Pat Johnson’s awesome drum set-up on full display. Yes the lights spin around and put on a show.

Shows at The Manx are so intimate – room for maybe 50 people – that the band has to move out of the way every time someone goes to the loo.  The foot traffic did not slow Vieux Loup, who swayed out of the way when needed and played a good mix of originals and covers.  My favourite of the originals were “This Place,” and the song Rolf introduced as “this song is about ending up in bed with the right person…for once.”

Last Call will be held on the last Monday of each month at The Manx, and will consist of short, late-evening performances showcasing new material from local artists. Mark your calendars!