The End of the Fun Boy Club House

fbch end

Yes, you read correctly.  Saturday November 23, 2013 marked the end of an era, the end of an institution, the end of the Fun Boy Club House.

The cigarette smoke was thick enough to cut with a knife, there was enough beer and liquor going around that a small LCBO would be jealous, and the DJ spinning in the living room was using a stove as a table… yup, just any other night at the Club House. I worked my way through all that and headed down into the basement to see New Swears play.

Amazing shot of New Swears by Darryl Andrew Reid.
Amazing shot of New Swears by Darryl Andrew Reid.

Once down there I hit my head at least three or four times until I found a spot where the ceiling had a more than 6 foot clearing. I finally got set up in a comfortable spot with my beer in hand and my anticipation through the roof.  The New Swears took the stage in various costumes and thanked everyone for coming out. Once they started playing, opening with ”Two Darts,” the moshing never stopped and the brave, or crazy, crowd surfed with their faces pressed against the ceiling. They later played their awesome song ”Paradise” where they sing ”all this alcohol is bad for my brain.” And if other nights at the Club House are anything like Saturday, closing it down might be the only way these boys will survive to see their thirties. Ottawa’s party boys really brought it on this night playing all my favourites like ”See You in Hull” and ”Cerveza.” New Swears finished off with Sammy crowdsurfing the end of the last live show at the Fun Boy Club House. I could not imagine a better final visual memory of this epic house show venue. After New Swears, the Ceremony dance party took patrons into the wee hours…