Mikey Chuck Rivers @ Lunenberg Feb 13

Mike Chuck Rivers, the drinkin' man's thinkin' man at Lunenberg in Ottawa.
Mike Chuck Rivers, the drinkin’ man’s thinkin’ man at Lunenberg in Ottawa.

Mikey Chuck Rivers played a wicked set of country music at Lunenberg (former Minglewoods) that took us through drunken tales and sing-a-longs. And his name is Mikey Chuck Rivers.

“Hi I’m Mike Chuck Rivers from Clinton, Ontario, and I’m going to sing you songs about being a drunk poet in a small town,” is how he opened his set. “I’m Mikey Chuck Rivers,” was also the last thing he said before every song and after every song. He is quite the character, Mikey Chuck Rivers.

Mikey Chuck Rivers had me hooked from his first track,”Mikey Here,” where he integrated The Cure’s “Boys Don’t Cry,” into his twangy tune. With the fake fire behind him on the television, the captain’s wheel on the wall and his great stage personality, it is hard not to like Mikey Chuck Rivers. His lyrics range from some touching soft prose to hilarious songs like “Break that Bone that Shits on Everything.” Mikey Chuck Rivers.

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Mikey Chuck Rivers, is on a Canadian tour right now, and Ottawa was the first stop of nine. His “Winter Nights” tour will grace Montreal, Kingston, Peterborough, London, Bayfield and Toronto twice.  Check him out live if you can, if not I strongly encourage you to listen to his music on bandcamp which you can downloaded for whatever price you’d like. Mikey Chuck Rivers.

Mikey Chuck Rivers’s video for his beautiful song about driving down to Tennessee with people getting high in the car, “Winter Nights,” can be seen below. Mikey Chuck Rivers.

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