Organ Eyes Play Wyrd Distro Launch @ Pressed, Feb 15

Organ Eyes playing at Pressed in Ottawa for the Wyrd Distro Launch.
Organ Eyes playing at Pressed in Ottawa for the Wyrd Distro Launch.

The sun was shining through the big windows at Pressed as Organ Eyes took to the stage. You can’t go wrong with live music on a weekend afternoon.  Thanks to Wyrd Distro, I got to listen to Organ Eyes with the sun up.

Organ Eyes have a very interesting sound that is sometimes very grungy and other times very spacey, with shoegaze elements worked into it. One of the coolest aspects of this band is how much of a difference there is between Sam’s sound and Cam’s sound. Sam has these beautiful soft vocals and often really high pitch picking sequences, while Cam sings with unhinged Kurt Vile-style vocals and gets wicked tones out of his bass. They played some music of their new album Visual Meetings, my favourite song off it is “Doesn’t Matter Any More.”

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So what is Wyrd Distro, and what were they launching? Started by one of Canada’s weirdest duos, Wyrd Distro is the first non-profit online store and distribution service dedicated to emerging and experimental Canadian music, art, and ephemera. Yes, it is as awesome as it sounds. There were launch parties all over the country today. The Ottawa launch featured merch tables with a bunch of creative local Ottawa DIY labels, such as Bruised Tongue and E-Tron Records.

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There was a pay-what-you-can silk screening station if you brought your own t-shirt, a limited number of copies of free cassette compilation of digital-only music from every province and territory.  There was also a live Skype hang out after the band played with Marie and Aaron of Weird Canada. Marie ended the conversation with “Please be in touch to start a revolution, or a cult, whatever you prefer.”

The coolest thing in my opinion, was the distro dropbox.  This is where artists could drop off copies of their album to consign their music to the Wyrd Distro for free!

What a wonderful way to spend a Saturday afternoon and the perfect event to set the stage for the night’s Bruised Tongue 5-year anniversary show…