New Music: Pony Girl – ‘Foreign Life’ video

Screen shot 2014-03-09 at 5.17.56 PM

Ottawa’s Pony Girl have released a new video for their song ‘Foreign Life’ of their upcoming LP, the title of which still remains a mystery. The song is fairly simple, containing soft keys and a series of bleeps and bloops. However, lead singer Pascal Huot’s relaxed and whispery vocals allow us to fall into the song and grasp the lyrics on our own. It’s the kind of song that only works short and simple. Paired with an eerie, dimly lit video that shows Pascal playing his keys on a stovetop while battling the darkness with intermittent fluorescent lighting, Pony Girl have certainly gotten off to a great start in garnering some attention for their upcoming release. I spoke to guitarist/vocalist Isaac Vallentin about the new track, and here’s what he had to say: 

The ‘Foreign Life’ video was actually filmed close to a year ago. It’s a track that’s part of the LP we’ve been working on for awhile now. Pascal, Gregg, and Julien were in the process of moving out of their old house to our new house (the one we live in currently). Their stove light was broken and flickering, and we all really liked the eerie look of it. Someone made the connection that the music and environment paired really well together, so we waited until it got dark and filmed a few takes of ‘Foreign Life.’ Now that we’ve been working on the LP for a while and are starting to play the new songs live, it felt like the right time to release the video.

Don’t miss Pony Girl on March 21 at Black Sheep Inn alongside FEVERS. Tickers are $10, more info here.