Massive Payout Predicted @ Ottawa’s 6th Rock Lottery

Sixth Ottawa Rock Lottery taking place at Babylon, this Saturday May 17. Selah!

The sixth installment of the Ottawa Rock Lottery will be taking place this Saturday at Babylon.¬†It’s called a lottery so we imagine that there’s nothing but fate involved, that we should be so lucky to see 19 bands ripped apart and mutated. But a¬†lot of work goes into these events. So maybe not too much speculation¬†involved, but it’s also called a lottery because it’s a distribution of prizes, the most obvious¬†being the odd¬†mutations we’ll see on stage. Will they be Cronenbergs, or will they be gems of the first water? And of course there will be giveaways and surprises, we’re sure. Imagine we actually got slices of pizza from ZaZaZa

Tomorrow all the peeps from the bands on that long list will be randomly mashed together to form new bands, each with a full 24 hours to create a full 20- to 30-minute set for Saturday night. It will take the guts of actors and the instinct of pros to lasso something together, and I’m sure puzzle-solving will help.

We’re seeing a new level of ORL this go-around:¬†Amanda Putz¬†of CBC Radio 1’s¬†Bandwidth will be hosting the event, there’ll be almost $10,000 worth of door prizes from sponsors for spectators, and the 25 contestants will run the chance to win XP as they level up their Bards with items like recording time with an established producer and artist consulting from YouRockRed. Showgoers can also shave a buck off the cover of $15 by bringing a can of food for the Ottawa Food Bank.

The real lottery is the gamble that organizers take on new community connections blooming into unique & neat-o projects. This is, as they say, a safe bet.