New Music: Crows by Dogwood


New local female folk duo Dogwood recently released their debut album Crows.

Chloe Perrault and Ellorie McKnight (formally of Marabou) decided to record a few songs this past spring, while out on the west coast. The nine-song album is full of absolutely beautiful melodies and harmonies. The girls’ voices compliment each other so well and the harmonies make me melt. The music is also quite captivating, as the duo blend guitar and violin masterfully to create smooth dream-like folk music. On top of all that, I believe that the strongest elements of Dogwood’s sound are  their lyrics, which paint such wonderful pictures of hope, sadness, love and dreams. The song that has me clicking repeat is the tremendous song “Woolen,” which takes me on a trip of the rollercoaster of love through the mountain tops and valley lows of the beautiful west coast.

Ellorie explains that “Our album is called Crows, in dedication to the murder of crows that roosts in Burnaby and commutes to downtown Vancouver and back every day. We spent many afternoons drinking earl grey tea on the porch, playing slow music, and wondering about those black birds that swept the sky. They made us dream, and indeed, we believe this is the feel of our new little album: a dream of sorts.”

Cuckoo from Heather Mosher on Vimeo.

They used to be based in Ottawa but studies and opportunities have separated them to almost each end of the country. Chloe is now in St-Albert, Quebec, for the summer interning on an organic farm, and tending to her very own flock of chickens. Ellorie is spending a few months doing field work in the wilderness of Alaska, studying white spruce trees amongst the caribou and wildflowers of the Brooks range.

The album is streaming below and on bandcamp where you can download it for a mere $5.

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