New Video: “Point Dume” by The Yips

the yips-airlooms

Ottawa’s ghostly ouija rockers The Yips just released a new video for “Point Dume” off their latest release Air Looms.

The hauntingly beautiful video follows a woman isolated in the woods fixated by an odd arrangement of strings tied to trees. The strings remind me of a harp just begging to be strummed. They also remind me of the string game girls use to play in elementary school where they would make various patterns through their fingers with string. Anyone remember what that was called?

“Point Dume” is a favourite of mine and this video takes the song to a new level for me. The video, like the song, is as creepy as you want it to be. It can just be a woman on a stroll through the forest who encountered some art display left behind. Or it could be a trap – the scene of a past Wicca gathering, a woman lost in the isolation of her own mind and darkness broadcasted in this form, a trailer for an artsy horror film, or any number of scenarios can creep into your imagination.

The video appears to have been mostly shot in Gatineau Park and the final shot makes great use of the old stone structures near Mackenzie King Estate. Another wonderful job by Travis Boisvenue, the man behind many other videos for local greats such as Big Dick, Boyhood, Pregnancy Scares, Steve Adamyk and more.

Enjoy your visit to the forest, we hope you make it out safe and sane.