Morning Metal – Twenty Songs of War


I decided to try something a little different than my regular posts, and that is listening to twenty songs that I have come across as a radio host on CKCU 93.1 FM’s¬†Morning Metal.¬†Keep in mind, I am constantly updating these – but these are my most recent!

In my time, I have come across many amazing musicians and bands who have released outstanding albums, but I am going to narrow it down into the Twenty Songs of War. It is exactly what it sounds like; my top twenty songs to game to. Be it World of Warcraft, Borderlands or Call of Duty Рmetal has no substitute to get you fired up to the point that you want to go on a warpath.

I suggest creating a playlist and buying these songs so you can do what I do; destroy things electronically. These are my most recent;

#20: Sail Into The Black – Machine Head

This track appears on Machine Head’s newest album¬†Bloodstone & Diamonds and isn’t exactly the most aggressive and hard-hitting song to appear in my war list, but it provides an excellent vibe to start things off. Sailing into the black that is my fuelled gaming tendencies, if you will.


#19: Way of the Fist – Five Finger Death Punch

Let’s face it, when it comes to 5FDP – you know damn well that they can incite a riot. It is because of that that they need to be at the early stages of the playlist to really get the blood rushing through your head. Double bass drums make you want to run faster, shredding solos and microphone-abusing vocals just… ugh.


#18: Identity – Red Skies

Red Skies released this bad boy on¬†Identitas¬†last year and it is still on my list for two reasons. 1) They’re Canadian and 2) The entire powerhouse that is Red Skies just makes you want to charge some noobs.


#17: Four – Feared

Ola Englund is one of my greatest pleasures when it comes to metal music. The guy writes some of the heaviest riffs and has some of the coolest solos, specifically in Four. Quite simple, but fast paced and angry. KILL, KILL, KILL!


#16: Reincarnate – Motionless In White

Again, a song that encourages you to rush across the map hunting for some snipers. When it comes to snipers, it is true when Chris says “You make me fu$%ing sick!” Seriously, get an M4 and noobtube like the rest of us.


#15: Within The Rot – A Scar For The Wicked

A Scar For The Wicked is a band that has surprised me quite a lot since I first saw them live. Perth death metal that doesn’t disappoint when they turn their amps to 11. The guitar-drum trade off in this song will always be one of my favourites.


#14: Living In Security – Where Giants Once Stood

One of the more light-hearted tracks to appear on this playlist, but still has the right amount of intensity to fit in. Reshaun’s growls tickle me in places (I’m obviously talking about my hands) when doing battle.


#13: Custer – Slipknot

While this album may have disappointed some of those metal goblins, who can seemingly never be pleased, I quite enjoyed¬†.5; The Gray Chapter. “Custer”¬†sticks out to me because it is without question the heaviest track on the album. Plus, you will always need a Slipknot track when pumping up.



#12: The Whole World Is My Enemy Now – Upon A Burning Body

At this point in the playlist, you will feel both energized and enraged enough to fully appreciate this song. Granted, UABB isn’t the most creative band in the metal community BUT DAMN CAN THEY MAKE YOU AMPED UP. After Slipknot, the whole world truly is your enemy now. Even your allies aren’t safe from your hulk-like mode.


#11: Captivity & Devourment – Armageddon

Praise be the Dark Lord and may God have mercy on whoevers soul you crush and devour.


#10: War Eternal – Arch Enemy

Arch Enemy have many, many great songs to thrash to Рbut War Eternal is truly an album that has peaked my interest. Fast, pounding and devastating Рyou may want to watch your blood pressure now.


#9: Time (Will Not Heal) – The Haunted

Once again, a Ola Englund appears! The Haunted made the incredibly intelligent decision to bring Englund on board for¬†Exit Wounds¬†back in 2013, and his first contribution to the band was “Time (Will Not Heal)”¬†and it is so heavily Englund-esque.

Once again, the King of Riffage strikes.


#8: Unanswered РSuicide Silence (ft. Phil Bozeman) 

SWEET AND SOUR SAUCE. Whose Mitch Lucker again? Oh yeah, he’s that guy that couldn’t compete with Phil Bozeman’s vocal abilities. May he rest in peace. Honestly though, Bozeman’s cover of “Unanswered” during the Memorial show is one of the most crushing covers in existence.


#7: Take Me Through The Fire – Machine Head

When I put together a playlist, hearing a band that has been played recently really brings the gaming rage full circle. Also appearing on¬†Bloodstones & Diamonds, “Take Me Through The Fire” ends the album with quite a high-light.


 #6: Big Bad Wolf РIn This Moment

Not only is Maria Brink an absolute fox, she has a voice that will pierce glass every time she screams. Specifically with this song from 2014’s Black Widow, it gives you a very eerie-Marilyn Manson like vibe with Brink screaming “Even in these chains, you can’t stop me”. It makes you feel unstoppable. It even has a little break between the intensity to give you a build-up.


#5: Hail The Apocaylpse – Avatar

Avatar is a band that has impressed me consistently with every release. An incredibly under-appreciated band from Sweden, these dudes know how to write some killer battle tunes. Hail the apocalypse, indeed.


#4: Becoming The Bull – Atreyu

At this point in the gaming experience, you do feel like a bull.


#3: Morte et Dabo – Asking Alexandria

Hate on this band all you want, “Morte et Dabo”¬†is one of the heaviest songs in the world of new age metalcore. Angry lyrics, angry delivery and heavy drums. While these songs aren’t meant to be directly paid attention to, this is one you can really get into the groove with.



#2: Your Body Is A Battleground – Delain

There is something about symphonic metal and war games that goes together so well, it’s almost unfair for every other genre. Be it the soaring vocals or the onslaught of riffage, Delain has been one of my favourite bands for the last year.

And no, it’s not just because Charlotte Wessels is my metal crush. Nice try.


#1: Upon Pillars of Dust – At The Gates

New At The Gates is perfect for war, especially this song. It’s got a grooving riff, powerhouse vocals and the drums just rule. It’s quite the difference between Delain, but the final two are perfect opposite ends.


There we have it.¬†Morning Metal’s¬†Twenty Songs of War to game to! Enjoy.



James Rockso – Host of CKCU 93.1 FM’s¬†Morning Metal &¬†Music Publicist at¬†Dark Matter Relations