Morning Metal – Interview with Beacons



Guys, thank you and welcome.

Tell us a little bit about the band’s origin.

We’re a four piece from Fort Myers, Florida. We originated in 2010 and have been getting nothing but heavier and more focused ever since.

For metal fans, why should they check Beacons out?

Honestly, there are millions upon billions of artists trying to do their thing these days whatever genre or style it may be; some for simple reasons to just play some shows and have fun and maybe some for a get rich quick scheme, but we are doing exactly what we love to do for simply that reason. Never once compromising our integrity or our love for the game for a quick dollar.

If we were in this for the money, we would be doing so many things much more differently. As our name states were simply here to stand out. We put a lot of time into the music we write both instrumentally and lyrically and we really hope it shows on Dead Thoughts.

Beacons has just released your debut full-length album, Dead Thoughts” on November 25th.

Tell us a little about it.

The entire Idea behind Dead Thoughts is basically to breath your own air and think your own thoughts (hints the gas mask) in other words, to basically filter through all the bullshit of this world and really be your own person while trying to push through the negative cloud hanging over head that is this world, media, school, work, etc. We’re beyond proud of how it came out and hope that you all can really connect as we did while writing it.

Nowadays, it’s very rare that a band will release a full length rather than an EP, and I always prefer full-lengths due to the fact it provides a full experience for the artist.

Is there any particular reason?

Yes, we had already previously released two EP’s in the past along with two singles (Complications EP, The Dead March Single, Scum Single, Endless EP) and just decided that it was time to step it up. Also there were a lot of topics that I (Taylor) really wanted to dig deep into that I wouldn’t have been able to do on an EP.

Where can listeners get a hold of Dead Thoughts if they’re looking to purchase it?

It’s up on iTunes and Spotify, and you can pick up physical orders here on our official website and also on our Bandcamp!

The upcoming “December to Dismember Tour” with Obliterate, Apex and I, The Reverend – what can we expect?

We’re very excited for this tour. It’s heavy and all the bands on the bill are sick. We can’t wait to check them out and meet them all ourselves. From us, we will be playing almost all new songs off of Dead Thoughts So learn some lyrics and come head bang! \m/

When are you guys going to do a Canadian tour and come to Ottawa?

We’ve got a killer amount of metal heads here!

Hopefully soon! Since we’re hooking up with the Obliterate dudes this December, maybe they’ll treat us in the future.

Do you guys have merchandise available online that fans can check out and buy?

We do and we design most of it and also print all of it ourselves. Check it out here.

With 2014 coming to a close – a sweet tour, a wicked new album – what are your plans for 2015?

Right now, 2015 is looking like it’ll be an interesting one. With such a good response already only having had the album out since November 25th, things are looking good. We have a few ideas for tours being thrown around with some cool bands and friends. We also are working on shooting our second DIY music video for the album (the first being “Brainwashed”), and last but not least were already demoing out some new songs for the next release. 2015 has a lot in store! Look out for us and Thank you all for the support.

Guys, thank you again for joining us! We look forward to hearing more from you!

Your debut album, Dead Thoughts, will be featured as Morning Metal’s Artist of the Week on December 8th – while tracks featuring all bands on the tour will be played for the next month to promote the tour.

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Keep an eye on their upcoming tour with Obliterate, Apex. and I, The Reverend!


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