Thirsty Thursdays: Peppermint Porter Collab by Beau’s & Big Rig


By Daniel Bordage

Beer: Peppermint Porter by Beau’s and Big Rig Brewery

Style: Porter

ABV: 5.4%

Pairing: Yuletide mix

About the Beer:  I had this beer on tap at Big Rig Brewery. I love that this peppermint porter isn’t overdoing it with the peppermint. I’ve had plenty of other peppermint-flavoured beer where I was better off sucking on a Christmas cane. I would say there are more chocolate notes with a little minty finish. I had two beers to make sure… Yup! Delicious!!   You can find it at Beau’s brewery, or get it delivered by the BYOB program, Brew Donkey, and of course at Big Rig on tap.

The commercial description goes as follows:

Beau’s All Natural & Big Rig Brewery’s collaboration Peppermint Porter is a holiday treat! This is a dark ale with rich chocolate malt undertones that are echoed with the addition of cocoa nibs, and complemented with clean, cool peppermint in the finish. Matthew O’Hara of Beau’s and Lon Ladell of Big Rig designed the recipe together and brewed it up at Beau’s.

The Music:

I could have spent three weeks on this playlist and not even touched the surface of all the Christmas songs out there. At first, I hated this time of year for music. But a bit of research, you will find amazing songs out there. With the help of my pals here at Ottawa Showbox, I was able to incorporate some great local music too. Here are some of my favorites, but even reviewing my list, I found a ton more. AHHHH!!


Julian Casablancas – “I Wish It Was Christmas Today

I can’t help but think of the SNL version of this song. Suffawing suckatach this is synthfull!… Wait what what??? Found this!!!

Vaglab – “Do You Believe in Santa Claus?

I do believe in this bass line. But yes, Santa is real. Everyone knows that! #OttBand

Milkmaid – “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

Probably the most non-traditional version of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer song ever.  #OttBand

James Brown – “Soulful Christmas

Do this song with headphones please. Drums on the left, horns on the right, sweet bass line right down the middle.

The Sadies – “Snow Squadron

If anybody knows about snow in Canada and making a gig for the holidays, it’s the Sadies. This might not be a Christmas song. But it should be!!! At around 1:40 of this song, start surfing the snowy waves.

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – “Fifteen feet of pure white snow

Here’s another non-Christmas song that needs to be here. Nick Cave… wow…

Bandeeto Colin – “Mrs. Klaus

Nothing but fuzzy guitars and singing about kissing Mrs. Klaus. Perfect! #OttBand

Low – “Silent Night

Low has always been able to harmonize with the best of them. On “Silent Night,” they run a clinic on harmony.

The Acorn – “Sleepwalking

Now the Acorn can rival Low in harmonies and also suffer Ottawa winters. Find this song on the great Ho! Ho! Ho! Canada #6 compilation found here.

Another one on the same collaboration is worth a good listen… “All I Want For Christmas is A Hoverboard.”

The Divide w/ Adrienne Curran – “Winter Wonderland

A great collaboration just like our featured beer. I was never able to remember the words of this song. But it doesn’t stop me from pretending I do in the car. #OttBand


XXXMas – “Grandma’s Goose

I grew up with a grandfather and uncle always changing Christmas songs and making them dirty. XXXMas has made a bunch of originals that keep up with the tradition. Check them out at House of TARG tonight (Dec. 23rd) for the XXXMAS 5th anniversary/album release show + Antique Christmas Party and #1Squarefoot THANK YOU. Showboxers will be there. #OttBand

Happy Fangs – “All I Want for Christmas is Halloween

Halloween is my second Christmas after Beau’s Oktoberfest. Coming in third place… real Christmas.

The Lee Chapels – “Anarchy Xmas

Some people hate the Holidays. The Lee Chapels rip through it nicely. #OttBand

The Vandals – “Oi! To The World

The Vandals did an entire Xmas album that you should all check out. Classic!

The Kinks – “Father Christmas

My House of TARG pic of the week. This song has to play there. I must be in attendance.

Promiscuous Protestah – “Christmas In The Suburbs

The breakdown of this song makes it. Listen for it at 1:22… and the sleigh bells at 1:32. Greatness! #OttBand

Test Icicles – “Snowball

Icicles and Snowballs? I know I want to throw some at my frienemies. Especially after I tried Costco on Dec 21st.

Jimi Hendrix  – “Little Drummer Boy/Silent Night/Auld Lang Syne

Merry Christmas EVERYBODY!!!!

Honourable mentions

Too many to pick but I leave you with this… Explosions in the sky – “Snow and Lights

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