Morning Metal: Interview with This Is Death Valley


Tell us about This Is Death Valley.

Who are the members?

 What are your respective instruments?

We are a six-piece metal band from Oshawa, Ontario. We’ve been a band since late 2008 but have really got the ball rolling in 2011 with our first album, We Are The Destroyer

Our members and instruments are as followed:

Tyler Kameda – Vocals

Aaron Swain – Vocals

Joey Kalnay – Guitar

Dan East – Bass

Conor Coupland – Guitar

Ryan Claxton – Drums

In a metal scene that is becoming so… happy, it’s refreshing to see a band bring it back down to the level where the term “metal” is actually acceptable.

To all those out there just hearing about you guys, why are you not a positive band?

Well, we write and play music to have fun but it’s also to get our anger out. Thats why we aren’t a positive band. Anytime we feel angry or upset, Tyler and Aaron will use that and put it into lyrics. We have a numerous comments about how humble and nice we are in person, but our music is very angry and we give everyone the same are witnessing what we consider our anger management our release.

Tell us about your new EP, Atheos.

Where and who did you record with?

What was the songwriting process?

With Atheos, we had originally recorded it in the spring with the same guy who did our single for “FFT (Fist Flavoured Teeth)”, but spent months messing around with it only to have original mixes lost and a whole bunch of bullshit. We later decided to record it ourselves, in the comfort of our own jam room with the help from Alex Leech of Sleep When You’re Dead. 

As for the songwriting process I feel like it was a lot more “thought out” than our first EP, We Are The Destroyer. Lyrically and musically it’s way different. We’ve grown up a lot since then, and gained more mature members in the process. The lineup we have now is the one Joey and Ryan had envisioned since day one, and having Dan join the writing process, it has put a whole new spin on our sound. 

For the track “Belial”, you had Michael Hewat from Drag the Lake – how was it working with him?

Mike is such an amazing dude to work with. Very passionate, hardworking individual. Our relationship with him and the rest of the guys in Drag The Lake have grown so much over the past two years, it’s always a good time hanging out and playing shows with them. We’re nothing but both grateful and honoured to have him on a track with us. 

   Where can fans pick up Atheos?

Atheos can be picked up at any show of ours as well as our Big Cartel website, and on iTunes!

If This Is Death Valley had a message to their fans – what would it be?

If we had a message to our fans it would be to never give up on what you believe in. Stay true to yourself and if anyone pushes you around, stand up for yourself and knock them in the fucking teeth.

 Do you guys have any upcoming shows?

As of right now, we have nothing to announce but do have things in the works. A lot of “behind the scenes” things are going on, but we also need to work a little more away from the band so we can get ourselves another touring vehicle. Then we can hit the road again.

2014 saw the release of Atheos, what can we expect from the band in 2015?

 I can’t elaborate too much on what we have in store for 2015, but let’s just say it’ll be a busy year.   

Any shout outs to fans, promoters, etc?

Absolutely! Any promoter who has ever booked our band and given us a chance to play in their area we are extremely grateful for, and too every fan who has supported us over the years by buying merch or have even just come out to one of our shows and supported what we do.

 We would also like to give a quick shoutout to all the bands we’ve gotten the privilege of sharing the stage with, including all our good friends in Sleep When You’re Dead, Weston, Drag The Lake, Beguiler, Enter Euphoria, Writhen, Signifier, Rosewood, My Home The Catacombs, Cuff, Ending Tyranny, Down Pour Designs, Challenge Accepted, 420 Klick, Obliterate, and Pronostic. Just to name a few haha.

Cheers, boys!

Cheers, man! Thanks for having us!

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