New Music: you bury me by PINE


Ottawa indie six-piece PINE just released their emotionally-charged debut EP, you bury me.

The three-song debut leans towards the more emo side of the indie spectrum led by the beautiful soft voices of Darlene Deschamps and Christina Leigh. This is no surprise considering the band’s name PINE derives from the verb, to pine. Pining is defined as “to suffer a mental and physical decline, especially because of a broken heart” and “miss and long for the return of.” you bury me brings the listeners through a quick but diverse journey from yearning and sadness to desire and love.

PINE has a nice full sound as the guitars, bass and drums meld graciously with the keys and the two different vocalists. The second song, “father​/​/​layla” is a truly beautiful yet gut-wrenching song. The first half of the song is a daughter singing her love for her father, a champion of the cold. The verse ends with “love you till the end, love you until you’re frozen, love you until we’re underground. cause daddy, you’re always stronger to me.” Next up is a father hoping he could be closer with his distant daughter, “You told me you admired my patience, well I’ve waited for you for years. And I’ve only felt you in bits and pieces. Let me feel you as a whole. Let me see what you have hiding in your soul.” This is a very different kind of love song, father to daughter sang by a woman, but it tugs at your heartstrings nonetheless.

you bury me is a very strong first release from this new local act playing a style which is not very common in the capital. Have a listen to the EP below and if you enjoy, go check out PINE opening for Balance and Composure at Ritual on January 15. If you miss them then, don’t fret as they are touring most of February with stops in London, Hamilton, Toronto, Brampton, Cornwall, Montreal, Quebec City and the closing out their tour in Ottawa on the 24th.