Morning Metal: Interview with PINE


Who are the members of PINE and what are your respective instruments?

Darlene Deschamps on vocals, Christina-Leigh on vocals/keys/acoustic, Will Lepine on bass, Holden Egan leads, Tsnitch Nickel on leads, and Paul Dzioba on drums.

Tell us about your debut EP, you bury me.

Who’d you record with?

Cory Bergeron out of Pebble Studios in Ottawa, Ontario.

How was the songwriting process?

Well each song was written in completely different times of the year, they actually go oldest to newest on the EP. Songwriting together is wonderful, actually.

Where did the name PINE come from?

We were looking for a name for like 3-4 days, and we wrote a billion down. We actually live near a cemetery called Pinecrest and it came to mind, and the alternate meaning (which is a verb) was very relevant to Christina and I at that time.

Granted, alternative indie music is not my usual jam – but with you guys I can actually get into it.

What are your influences that you incorporated into you bury me?

Honestly, everyone in the band has completely different influences and we never really talked about what we wanted to sound like. It just kind of came together. I’d say its just a bunch of post rock, emo, and shoegaze influences mashed into one.

What are the messages behind the tracks “letters”, “father//layla” and “sound”?

“letters” is literally 4 letters to 4 people, the song was originally called letters to ghosts. its about letting go of the ones you love who have let you down, while still holding on to that love.

As for “father//layla”, it was originally an intro/outro song for our acoustic sets.  Both were written using the topic “Men we know who lived in a forest”.

“father” is about how a man chose to live in the cold in return to afford drugs and leave his daughter unaware of where he was. “layla” is about a girl who had deep feelings for a guy who never let her have quite enough, and then he left to go backpacking outwest unexpectedly.

“sound” is a lot of mixed feelings. Loving someone but not wanting to see them because it is painful, to wanting to travel. to a clever chorus that kind of entails what you think that person is doing as they listen to the song, and to a silent sorry.

PINE has an upcoming show on February 6th at Leaky B’s LaVa Lounge.

What can we expect with this show?

You can expect us having some drinks and hopefully crying on stage. On a lighter note, lots of friendship and great bands that you should come and check out!

Show tickets and information can be found here!

Where can listeners pick up you bury me?

We have no physical copies, but we have many places where you can download it online. Free or pay what you can.

Any shout outs to promoters, fans, radio, etc.?

Huge shout out to Spectrasonic for having us on the Balance and Composure show, a pretty big shout out to The Diamond Mine Agency for the upcoming shows and the biggest shout out to everyone who has shared, contributed, or gave us support as of late.

ALSO, a big shout out to Kanye (our bassist Will has a crush).

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Pick up your tickets for the February 6th show at Leaky B’s here!


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