New Music: Higher Ground by Bearings


Ottawa five-piece pop punk band Bearings recently released their debut EP Higher Ground.

The five-song EP feels like a throwback to late 90s and early 2000s radio chart toppers. Higher Ground features upbeat punk rock that makes you want to pogo, prove the cool kids wrong and finally date that really cute, shy girl that has always been in the friend zone.

The music is infectious and makes it almost impossible for you not to bob your head along. The band makes great use of a variety of breakdowns, a staple of the genre, which just adds to the catchiness. Bearings are for fans of MxPx and New Found Glory’s style of pop punk, but they also throw in just enough edgy drumming and bass lines to differentiate themselves. Have a listen to Higher Ground below and check Bearings live in mid-February. I hear that one of their members is so hardcore he played despite having a cast on his hand and arm.