New Music: Two Sets of Two Songs by The Heavy Medicine Band

heavy med band

Ottawa rock group The Heavy Medicine Band is now streaming their debut release, well sort of.

The band teased us Christmas Eve by releasing two songs online and a few days ago they rounded out their first release by adding two more songs online. The still unnamed album is a great combination of power female vocals over psychedelic rock and stoner rock styles. Some may think that four songs isn’t enough or might be too short, but they combine for nearly 22 minutes, so don’t fret.

My gushing musical crush for Keturah Johnson‘s voice is well-documented on this site, so needless to say when I found out she was moving on from her solo act and forming a band I was quite excited. Listening to The Heavy Medicine Band you can still hear a lot of Keturah’s solo style, but now with a lot more depth thanks to the addition of great musicians.

The release features “Wrecking Ball Daughter,” the song from Keturah’s solo performance that first mesmerized me two years ago. This powerful, slow-building song puts her voice at the forefront and on display as the music slowly becomes more and more part of the song. “Wrecking Ball Daughter” is quite the journey lyrically, vocally, and musically, clocking in at just under eight minutes.

Have a listen to the latest release below and the ones from December 2014 just beneath that. Fair warning, be prepared to be placed in a trance.