Morning Metal – Interview with Cadence Calling


Tell us the back story of Cadence Calling.

Where did the name come from?

Who are the members and their respective instruments?

Cadence Calling started out with Nick (lead guitar), Josh (rhythm guitar), and Nikko (drums) playing together in another band with some other people. We collectively felt like we wanted to create more complex music than the stuff we were playing in the previous band so we started Cadence Calling and brought Boyd (Vocals) into the band. Nikko came up with the name Cadence Calling which actually has an apocalyptic meaning. The end of a musical phrase is referred to as a cadence and Nikko took that idea and created the band name, which pretty much translates into “the end calling”. We all kinda thought it was cool and it flows nicely so we kept it.

In a scene filled with many genres, what makes Cadence Calling different?

I think what makes us different is that we try to stay away from a lot of the generic sounding stuff that you hear nowadays. We try to keep everything real and raw, meaning we have no synths, everything is played by us. We also experiment with different time signatures which a lot of bands don’t really do. We write very honest music, with the lyrics being genuinely from the heart. I’m not saying that a lot of bands don’t do that, but that is something we do and I feel like it makes us special. We are very driven as well, we want to do great things as a band.


You guys just released your debut EP, “Metamorphosis”, tell us about it.

Where did you guys record?

Who is the producer?

What was the songwriting process like?

We started writing for Metamorphosis probably around a year ago, with a long and tedious writing process. We are all pretty much perfectionists so we would be changing parts in our songs constantly to try and get things sounding the best that they can be. This can obviously be very annoying, but it makes for more enjoyable music in the end, so we felt like it was necessary. When we finally completed writing most of the EP, we went to record it at Citadel Studio with Chris Cosentino as our producer. We recorded our single “Post Mortem” with him and we all agreed it was a good idea to work with him again for the EP.

Influence wise – what drove you guys to be in a metal band?

We all kinda just grew up listening to metal music and I guess it just spoke to us more than other things in life. We all have pretty much dropped everything else to pursue a career as a musician. Music is pretty much our lives at this point; I don’t know what we would do without it. The title track of our EP is actually about that hahaha.

How do fans, promoters and press get in touch with you?

They can all get in touch with us through our facebook page at They can send us a message there or they can send us an email (which can be found on our facebook page)!

Does Cadence Calling have any shows coming up we need to check out?

Yes we do! We are playing our CD release show on February 27th at the Smiling Buddha in Toronto with a few touring bands from the states and a few locals. We also have another show a bit later on April 3rd, at the Rivoli, which is a battle of the bands contest for a chance to win a trip to play at Wacken Open Air in Germany! Both shows are gonna be insane so if anyone has a chance to come out to either, they definitely should!

Where can fans purchase merchandise, or the new EP?

We recently got a website up where people can do just that! The link is which can also be found on our facebook page under the ‘Store’ tab. We currently have a few merch designs along with physical copies of our EP available now!

Any shout outs to fans, promoters, press, etc.?

We just want to say thank you so much to everyone who has supported us thus far. Thank you to everyone that has come to a show, bought a shirt, listened to our music, shown us to your friends, even liked our facebook page. Anything you do to help spread the word or support us in any way is beyond appreciated by all of us. Also thank you James for doing this interview with us, and having us as your Artist of the Week!


James Rockso – Host of CKCU 93.1 FM’s Morning Metal & Music Publicist at Dark Matter Relations