Lungless Debut EP Inhale Review


EP Review – Inhale

Released – March 13th, 2015


March 14th, 2015

While slumming through another day finding new and exciting bands, there is one band that have recently released their debut EP. I speak, of course, about Pickering, ON’s hardcore band Lungless and their debut Inhale. 

I became familiar with Lungless when they were Constellations back in 2014, when they embarked on their farewell tour throughout central Ontario. Now, if you were a fan of that band – you will absolutely love Lungless. Lungless is a more refined, polished and well structured version of Constellations, with two new vocalists instead of their previous solo vocalist, Dylan Cooper.

Lungless released their long-awaited Inhale on Friday, March 13th, 2015 – although the tracks were released individually throughout the week leading up to the release. The debut track and music video for “Lush” immediately gave me hope for this band, because it was fresh to the Ontario music scene. I am not really a big fan of hardcore music, but Lungless was very appealing to me because of their intensity and delivery in tracks such as “Lush”, “Eden” and  “Glass”.

Another reason I was attracted to Lungless was their lyrical content, especially with the track “Glass”. For someone who struggles with anxiety and depression, bands who cover these subjects are always more palatable. The musical style even changes up to bring a new side to Lungless not heard on the rest of the EP, which makes me glad they chose it to close the EP.

“I’m sick of being empty, I’m sick of being broken.

I’d rather be alone, but I hate the silence”

– Glass

As with all hardcore bands, Lungless has the vocal delivery to make happy most metal fans – which by today’s standards is next to impossible. You crazy metal heads!

Guitarist Nick Perovic and bassist Michael Griffin provide an excellent narrative for each song, with Greg Willhelm and drummer Michael Cernigliaro rounding each song out. The guitar work on this EP is pretty superb; heavy, melodic and frantic, with bass lines that quake your thighs altogether.

A great entrance back into the scene, Lungless have proved themselves worthy with this release. Hopefully, they’ll continue to build on this sound because it can definitely be something great.









James Rockso – Host of CKCU 93.1 FM’s Morning Metal & Publicist at Dark Matter Relations