Two New Videos: Gold and Marrow & The Acorn


“Hold My Fire” is a single off Gold and Marrow‘s debut album¬†Forever. This acoustic version keeps away from the pop version on the album, accentuating clean guitar matched to Shannon Rose’s beautiful voice and heartfelt lyrics.¬†The video is shot in Rose & Steven James’¬†living room by Ottawa Indie Hotspot‘s Christina Speziale.

Their website has now billed Gold and Marrow as just the duo of Rose and James, instead of the full band that was their previous¬†incarnation.¬†They also proclaim their romantic relationship very matter-of-factly. It’s¬†refreshing to see a duo/couple “come out” in a way that just honestly says that there wouldn’t be music without there being an us.

Together, they play their hopeful track with the symbiosis of a steady partnership. Their musical efforts have been blooming for a while and are now bearing fruit in these earnest pieces of indie folk.

“Hold My Fire” by Gold and Marrow //¬†Video by Christina Speziale

An aide-m√©moire¬†to watch for more to come from Rolf Klausener’s The Acorn was¬†The Pink Ghosts & Blankets EP¬†rerelease on Kelp Records for the label’s 20th anniversary last year. Since 2012 there’s been mention of a new album¬†in the works, and although Klausener’s latest efforts have focused on the flourishing¬†Arboretum Festival¬†and his dance-dream band¬†Silkken Laumann, it seems like 2015 will be the year of Vieux Loup.

“Influence” elaborates on electronica with guitar¬†evocative of older tracks. The sound of the vocals here is¬†more contemporary than in “Erster Tag” from The Pink Ghosts¬†but still just as musing and harmonious. The upbeat drums are entrancing, keeping blood pressure high. The song is absorbing¬†on its own but made enthralling by the slow motion of the video.

Shot by Travis Boisvenue, the video features local sculptor Marisa Gallemit on her day-to-day. She works her craft, spends time with her son at Pressed Café, keeps the bar at the Manx, and runs into friends Rémi Thériault & members of Silkken Laumann along the way. Klausener is an understated presence in the second half of the video, Gallemit being the focus here.

The smiles and deadpan looks that figure in any hard worker’s quotidian find a balance here.

“Influence” by The Acorn //¬†Video by Travis Boisvenue