New Music: The First Empire by Scattered Clouds

The album cover of Scattered Cloud’s latest album, , could very well be an alien lifeforce.

On this day in Hull, an LP came out on E-Tron Records. They call it The First Empire but it will not be the last.

It’s been a long time coming for fans of Scattered Clouds, an experimental noise & psychedelic pop trio led by Philippe Charbonneau, with Jamie Kronick and Pierre-Luc Cl√©ment. The band’s beginnings are closely intertwined with the E-Tron’s genesis, as are all the musicians who collaborated on this album. The music is simultaneously quiet and chaotic, patient and peculiar. It’s aptly described as post-apocalyptic but we could drop that prefix and it would still make sense.

The First Empire is a six-song concept album that seems to have more singles than not, starting off strong with the doom-laden “Fallen” and their most recent release “Enchanteresse”, which came out with a twisted music video pieced together by Mike Dubue last month.

“Enchanteresse” grew on me¬†faster¬†than “People Walk”, which I’ve already been listening to¬†for the better part of a year.¬†A free CD of the single was handed out at a show at the Blacksheep Inn last March and the song remains as beautifully choppy and digestible as when I first¬†heard¬†it. It’s a journey of self¬†and insanity, which are two themes that pair up often in The First Empire, and not just in the lyrics.

My favourite track however, which I relish even more because of its brief length, is the wordless “Floating Underwater” which immerses us with a marimba. It transitions catastrophically yet pleasantly into “Deepest Night”, an anthem of darkness that uses Charbonneau’s baritone voice to its greatest ability.¬†It ends with the¬†sunken lyrics “at the strangest hour…” and crashes into the most unhinged and experimental of the songs, the title track. The album almost passes in the blink of an eye but it is complex, what obviously took years to perfect.

Olivier Fairfield, who plays alternate percussion on three tracks, as well the marimba on “Floating Underwater,” also plays an integral part of E-Tron Records as the other co-founder and manager. Both he and Charbonneau began producing music that followed their aesthetic vision they had first encountered on their work with the band J’envoie, where Charbonneau actually came in after their record was complete. Pierre-Luc Cl√©ment also had a large¬†part in that collective effort along with Patrick S√©n√©cal & Nathan Medema.

Here’s where the details overlap. Cue The First Empire¬†to get through this mesh of music.

You can’t discuss Scattered Clouds without discussing E-Tron. Both began in 2010 around the time the album La vitesse des chats sauvages¬†by J’envoie came out.¬†E-Tron Mountain was still an¬†undiscovered¬†shrine on the north side of the Outaouais that had yet to house bands like¬†FET.NAT, Her Harbour, BOLD, and Ferriswheel.

Olivier Fairfield sums up E-Tron well in a video by La fabrique culturelle that came out in January:

“Avec J’envoie c’√©tait un band avec une esth√©tique. L√†, avec E-Tron, on s’rend compte que c’est pas un band c’est un groupe de personnes qui ont plusieurs bands qui font plein de choses diff√©rentes qui projettent cette esth√©tique l√†.”

Fairfield is a name that comes up a few times in the music corners of Hull. Olivier’s brother¬†Guillaume runs Fairfield Circuitry, an industry-acclaimed pedal manufacturer¬†that lends its powerful effects to bands all over the world. Their father¬†Charles has mastered many of his son Olivier’s collabs¬†as the owner and operator of¬†the seasoned studio known as nCode. Olivier himself plays in FET.NAT (along with Scattered Clouds’ Pierre-Luc Cl√©ment), La Mort √† la mode, J’envoie & Ferriswheel on E-Tron, and in the duo H. de Heutz, which¬†is¬†a sonic study¬†of¬†paranoia & pseudonyms inspired by the novels of Hubert Aquin, on Black Bough Records. His work has led him¬†to join Timber Timbre, possibly Canada’s most celebrated experimental music at the moment, and to form Last Ex with Simon Trottier, also from Timber Timber.

All these parts of Fairfield’s work are touched on by Charbonneau in some way. Often, it seems, Philippe’s¬†work is subtler than his partner’s, even subdued. He takes to the low vibrations of a deep voice and double bass that have created in Scattered Clouds the deliberate atmosphere of dread and adventure. Fairfield operates on a higher energy, with staccato percussion and piercing vocals. Together, they’ve created something that wouldn’t exist without the other, neither without the considerable collaborations of Cl√©ment, Trottier JFNO, Linsey Wellman & Gabrielle Gigu√®re.

So, without leaning too heavily into conjecture I would describe¬†The First Empire as a culmination of the vision that transformed E-Tron from an idea into a music machine. The industrious production they’ve pumped out in only five years has elevated the concept of a distinct music from Hull, and of experimental music in Canada as a whole, to the point where I see them far ahead of where other local labels still¬†want to go. They’re an example to follow, for sure. To

This is the supreme authority that I see described abstractly as¬†The First Empire. But here we are complete lost¬†in conjecture as I feared… It is, before being a symbol, a strong album that was¬†a long time in the making.


Scattered Clouds starts their tour this Thursday, and will host their official release parties in Ottawa & Hull on May 2 & 23. Follow the asterisks!

April 23rd – TORONTO, ON – The Piston w/ Hilotrons
April 24th – GUELPH, ON – Ebar w/ Hilotrons & The Golden Dogs
April 25th – WINDSOR, ON – Phog Lounge w/ Hilotrons
April 26th – HAMILTON, ON – Baltimore House w/ Hilotrons & The Boogies
*May 2nd – OTTAWA, ON – The Record Centre
*May 23rd – HULL, QC – Le Temporaire w/ WTCHS & Absolutely Free
May 28th – MONTR√ČAL, QC – Casa Del Popolo w/ Hilotrons & Saxyndrum