Thirsty Thursdays: Dubaï Pillée by Trou du Diable


By Daniel Bordage

Beer: Dubaï Pillée from Trou du Diable

Style: Double IPA

ABV: 9 or 10%

Pairing: An Alien-Friendly Playlist

About the Beer:  They made a trailer for it… Here… That’s how good Trou du Diable thinks this beer is. Well, it is! Best served cold, I truly wish I had bought the lot. Refreshing for a high percentage beer, Dubaï Pillée will be a hit on the patios this summer, if it lasts that long on the shelf.

The logo inspired the playlist. An alien invasion would be amazing/scary as hell. I’ve always imagined what kind of music they listen to. Would they attack and have music blaring as they zap our bodies with death rays? Below is a list of songs that are alien-friendly.

Commercial description:

La Dubaï Pillée est une bière dorée et cristalline dont la mousse blanche et tenace laisse échapper de fines bulles qui vous picotent la langue. Elle présente un nez exotique dominé par la mangue, le fruit de la passion et l’abricot, mélange qui rappelle la fraîcheur du sauvignon blanc. En bouche s’installe rapidement un équilibre entre le malt sucré et les fruits confits où la chaleur de l’alcool dévoile à peine ses charmes, et dont la finale se confond entre douceur et amertume.



James Holden “The Inheritors

If aliens invade, will they inherit the earth from us as we are not taking good care of it? Or will they just take it?

Jon Hopkins “We Disappear

Most likely we would disappear of the face of the earth. This song sounds like the inner workings of an alien spaceship.

Violence “The Curse of Dimensionality

#OttBand Violence gives us an ’80s influenced space dance track.

Pith and the Parenchymas “Tuna Fish

If ever we’re invaded by space beings, it could be for our resources. Maybe how we treat our resources will keep them away. #OttBand Pith and the Parenchymas sound like aliens eating tuna for the first time.

Björk “Earth Intruders

This is my “I had to” entry for the playlist. Björk is an alien.

How to Destroy Angels “And the Sky Began to Scream

This is a Trent Reznor side project. The entire album should be beamed to space but it might not be received as a peaceful offering.

FET.NAT “Cross-Check (Anatomique Voyage)

They cut the scene of FET.NAT opening for the Cantina Band in Star Wars. On the Youtube playlist you will hear Météo from FET.NAT. #OttBand

The album cover of Scattered Cloud's latest album, , could very well be an alien lifeforce.
The album cover of Scattered Cloud’s The First Empire could very well be an alien lifeforce or nightmare.

Scattered Clouds “Fallen

My favorite discovery this week. On the Youtube playlist you will hear “Downfall“. #OttBand

Kool Keith “Aliens

What would you do when aliens get here? Kool Keith offers his thoughts.

Burial “Spaceape

What would they look like? Green? Blue? Ape-like?… Listen to this song with headphones.


H. de Heutz “Tomorrow It Should Be Fine#OttBand

Saturnfly “Cyborg’s Lament#OttBand

Andy Stott “Luxury Problems

Minilogue “Everything Is All You’ve Got

Shackleton “Music for the Quiet Hour

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