Chris Page’s Volume Vs. Voice Release w/ Jon Pearce @ Raw Sugar Café


Chris Page packed Raw Sugar to the brim Saturday night for the Ottawa album release of his newest record Volume Vs. Voice.

Jonathan Pearce playing a solo set at Raw Sugar in Ottawa, ON.
Jonathan Pearce playing a solo set at Raw Sugar in Ottawa, ON.

Kicking things off was the very talented Jon Pearce of Winchester Warm.  He played a set mixed with solo tracks, Winchester Warm songs, and a cover. Listening to him play Winchester Warm’s Belle Attente solo was beautiful and peaceful. Later on in the set he played a Magnetic Fields’ cover and topped off the set with a song for which he wrote the lyrics two days prior to the show. It was a wonderful soft song with very well-executed looping at the end which culminated to an abrupt end. An excellent set as always, whether it be solo or with his band.

Chris Page playing his album release for Violence Vs. Voices at Raw Sugar in Ottawa, ON.
Chris Page playing his album release for Volume Vs. Voice at Raw Sugar in Ottawa, ON.

Chris Page began his set alone, something a little new for the lead singer of punk bands Camp Radio and The Stand GT. Page has taken his first solo album in five years, Volume Vs. Voice, across the country and it was finally time for the local release show.

“In the olden days you launch the record in your hometown then go on tour, a.k.a. into a black hole,” said Page. “This is the way to do it. Come home and end on the high note. Thank you so much all for being here.”

Page played a few songs off the new album with just his acoustic guitar. Later he was joined by drums, bass and another guitar to play out the rest of the set. I loved when he introduced “Disappointed a Few People”.

“The title sounds like a bummer, but it’s about a band I loved from Montreal,” he said. “Well actually the song is not about them at all, just the title.” Other tracks that really stuck out were “Chaise Lounge”, “Hunker Down” and “Treatment Burns”, just two more great songs off Volume Vs. Voice. Page concluded by saying, “This city has an amazing creative undercurrent and I just bragged about it across the country,” and then closed out with “My Focal Point” and “SOS For Sonny Rey”.

It was a very cozy & intimate show, which was perfect for the release of Volume Vs. Voice, an album you want played as you stare at the stars, lying around a campfire. Take a listen below and keep your eyes out for future Chris Page shows, like this one on June 3rd.