The soulful rock duo Riishi Von Rex release their new EP, Shed Your Helmet, tonight, May 22, at the Rainbow Bistro.

Ottawa Showbox got a chance to listen to the songs ahead of time and let us tell you, you are all in for a treat. There’s always a hint of something being unleashed within Riishi Von Rex’s lyrics. This is obvious from the beginning, as the opening track “Baba Yaga” refers to a beastly witch who flies through the sky in a mortar wielding a pestle. Musically the album ventures from a folkloric tale backed by rockabily to slow crisp blues on “Animal Too” and capped off with the hauntingly eerie yet beautiful title track. “Shed Your Helmet” begins with a feeling that you’re listening in on someone’s nightmares thanks to off-beat drums, subtle guitar picking, and a sudden influx of horns. And just as you begin to expect that their may not be any escape from this terror, instrumental chaos carries you into a rock n’ roll finish, which sets you free as you awake in cold sweats.

Have a listen to “Baba Yaga” below and get hyped for the Shed Your Helmet release tonight at the Rainbow Bistro with Nick Teehan opening.