New Music: Years by STEAMERS


Photo Credit: Mike & Ness Photo

STEAMERS are releasing their LP Years this Friday at House of TARG. It actually feels like it’s been years since their Steammates EP came out. However, it was only last September.

Members of the Ottawa & Gatineau band—particularly drummer Phil Castiglione—teased fans with the idea of a vinyl pressing of the live EP, but those hopes were dashed when guitarist & ukulele player Garett Barr humourously stated on the live recording from Steamfest!!! that they were from Niagara Falls, ON. Entertaining but erroneous, so no wax…

Their debut LP, Years, might still be pressed, however. It’s a tight album, with a few flourishes that prudes would call “mistakes”. The combined efforts of the six teammates overlap like a sonic sandwich, particularly the mandolin of Francis-Julien Thibaudeau contrasting beautifully well with Greg Fitzpatrick’s banjo. The album has been streaming all week for their release show at TARG. Be careful! If you play it once you will play it again. If the eight songs together weren’t good enough, especially after the last song “Destination”, sung primarily by Sarah Fitzpatrick on bass:

You’ve made it clear that I don’t belong

But I’m staying here just to prove you wrong.

You don’t have to agree, I don’t care either way

You don’t have to help me just don’t get in my way, no

You don’t have to help me just don’t get in my way!

The steamy event is $7 and features opening acts the aptly described spooky surfy garage of Bonnie Doon & the violently honest folk of Cory Levesque. It will be a sure-as-shit hootenanny!