New Video: “Cannabis” by The Adding Machine

adding machine

Yesterday, at 4:20 p.m., The Adding Machine released a video for their track “Cannabis” off their debut album + + +. It’s filmed entirely during their album release party in a Monk Street basement from the end of April, a dirty love letter but well-polished.

E.on, Yuukon & Defckon perform their music with the same intensity of a riot of Luddites crashing through a sewing factory, destroying machines. A play from 1923 titled The Adding Machine shines light on the allusion when an accountant replaced by a machine kills his employer in a rage. With the same outrage, the stoney triplets presented their album to a brawling crowd backed up by local acts Rats, Neighbours, Yusso & Old Rules on April . There’s high energy from The Adding Machine and convulsing dancers, with a sluggish contrast in some revellers rolling jays and swigging whiskey. The triple, quadruple take of Yusso‘s slack face (1:46) lends to the video’s overindulgence in hilarious glowers.

The track showcases four different flows that range from smooth to nutso, along with Eddie Quotez contributing his rapid spit alongside the trio. Count five flows with Aron the Alien‘s shit-talking the scavenger smokers.

+ + + is not the first album released by the group. Lost Count came out in 2011 and there have been numerous mixtapes in between. This “debut” is definitely the cleanest, though not in subject matter. It has a vibe that’s unrefined but not lo-fi. It’s aggressive and amusing, so gritty it’s gravelly.

If “Cannabis” has got you buzzing then check out “Dig a Ditch” & “Straight Out the Swamp”, as well as their discography on The Adding Machine’s bandcamp.

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