So Sorry Records & The Three Albums


Recently So Sorry Records launched with a free sampler of the label’s three initial artists: Owen Davies, Pony Girl & Bosveld. As an imprint of Pop Drone, SoSo will focus on an Ottawa scene of the art-rock and ambient persuasion while its sister label continues its collaboration between musicians in Ottawa, Rotterdam & New York City with futurebeat & jazzy hip-hop.

There’s really no need to be so apologetic, you guys. Three full-length albums released from August to November? Yeah, okay. Owen Davies‘s Mystic—Aug. 1, Bosveld‘s Veldbrand—Oct. 18, and Pony Girl‘s Foreign Life—Nov. 7. That’s only 110 days away! On top of these dates, the sampler offers first looks at what one can assume is the cover art to the anticipated albums.

foreign life
Foreign Life by Pony Girl
Mystic by Owen Davies
Veldbrand by Bosveld

Whatever Pony Girl is concocting might cause aneurysms. Foreign Life has been almost 10 years in the making, what could be said to be the original reason for the band’s creation. The glimpse into new Bosveld indicates a maturation of their sound since the group has grown into a quintet. Expect some sweet sounds to be played live in Wakefield as part of Owen Davies own new exploration of “new folk” for his Mystic release party on Aug. 1.

Their fourth release has no release date yet but should be a live recording of Owen Davies and The Evangelists.

Although just in its infancy, SoSo isn’t against the idea of growing its catalog of artists. However, the boutique label wants to nurture opportunities more than put out album after album. It offers concert & tour promo, shipping online orders, and distributing to online and offline music stores.

The name So Sorry has nothing to do with regret. As Pony Girl’s bassist Greggory Clark explained: “We figured So Sorry can be the shorthand symbol for a genre of music it’d take too many hyphens to string together. And then it’d still be a pretty ambiguous term.”

The little family of music does have a comparable body of sound that is hard to pin down. If you can think of any descriptors with as little hyphens as possible, please send them along to So Sorry Records.