Album Premiere: Mystic by Owen Davies


Ottawa Showbox is pumped to present the full-length premiere of the first album to grace So Sorry Records: Mystic by Owen Davies.

I’m a Mystic / I’m an animal,” croons Davies on the title track of his debut solo album. It almost feels like the climax of part 1, with “Quai Des Brumes” as a recharging intermission, and part 2 beginning with “Wild Child”. However they are ordered—here they are, the nine precious stones finally uncovered.

They speak for themselves, these snippets of alt pop or new folk or whatever you want to call them. Can we describe this sound? No, we better not. Have an exclusive listen before the album is available to buy on Aug. 1. The Gatineau hills will welcome Davies for his album release show in two Saturdays at the Blacksheep Inn, and we’ll be there!