Thirsty Thursday: Lumbersexual by Covered Bridge Brewing


Beer: Lumbersexual by Covered Bridge Brewing

Style: IPA

ABV: 3.5%

Pairing: Lumbersexual with a woodsy playlist

About the Beer:  In the beginning of my beer crusade, breweries were going for strong drinkable beers. The trend in the last few years is to bring down the ABV so that we can enjoy a bit more beer and still be able to walk without compromising flavour. Lumbersexual is a prime example. At 3.5%, they were able to get the iconic IPA bitterness with only 23.6 IBU’s (International Bitterness Units).

If you are reading this, or know of Ottawa Showbox, you most likely know what a Lumbersexual stands for. We all have noticed that beards are the facial hair trend du jour. And dressing up like a lumberjack without having picked up an axe is bleeding into our urban landscape. I’m enjoying this movement as I fall in this category. I finally fit in! But I do swing an axe. I also stream Netflix nightly and have a 7.5 hour a day sit-down job.

Commercial description:

Like its namesake, the session IPA is not what it appears to be. At first glance, you’ll be drawn by its scent – a pleasant hop flavour and aroma, mimicking that of a big, bold IPA. On closer inspection, you’ll find that the hops provide approachable bitterness. It has a refreshing, low alcohol content while maintaining a certain calculated ruggedness. This urban woodsman is a very palatable, easy drinking summer beer.


The Music:

The Yips “Wytch Elm

The wych elm or Scots elm, has the widest range of the European elm species. Spanning from Ireland, the Arctic Circle, to the mountains of Greece. #OttBand

Crusades “Termites

Termites’ usually feed on dead wood or other dead plant material. They are considered very important in the ecological life of a tree. #OttBand

The Love Machine “We Are Squirrels and This Is Nuts

Squirrels are my favourite tree dwellers. Seeing them climb and evading capture from my dog is quite impressive. #OttBand

The Cure “A Forest

When watching to video for this song, Youtube put an ad for sunscreen for men. Is there a difference? Real lumberjacks have sun damage on their faces only. Sunscreen need not apply.

Silkken Laumann “The River

Nothing like the feeling of arriving to a river or lake when in the forest. The primal need of water might be a reason why it’s so satisfying. #OttBand


The Verve “Weeping Willow

The weeping willow is my favorite “hangout” tree. Sit, drink, smoke, read… be lumbersexually active…

Radiohead “Fake Plastic Trees

Fake lumberjacks… Fake trees…

Alt-J “Hunger of the Pine

The pine is my favourite campfire wood. It sparks, it burn well, and best of all…it smells divine. Lumbersexual cologne idea… Eau de Pine…

The Noisy Locomotive “In The Pines

Let the pine train continue… #OttBand

Cory Levesque “Gravel Roads

Cory sings about the simplicity of living in the country, off a gravel road, four walls, a bed, a home… Warming your house with the wood you chopped. #OttBand


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