New Video: “Blue Skies, Green Eyes” by Doc Yates


Ottawa’s Doc Yates recently released a wonderful video for his beautiful song “Blue Skies, Green Eyes”.

Many of you may not know Doc Yates as he is a relative newcomer to the Ottawa music scene. “Blue Skies, Green Eyes” is his debut single and if this is just a taste of what is to come, we can’t wait to hear more. The singer-songwritter originally from Woodstock, Ontario, but living in Ottawa since 2008 may very well be an incarnation of Eddie Vedder with a country/folk twist. From the first words in the song you can’t help but be blown away by his voice.

Watch the compelling and heartfelt video which follows the story of a young couple separated for a year while one of them does an exchange in Australia. Meanwhile the video cuts to Doc and friends playing around a campfire as fire dancers wow and entertain. How will the year apart end? Watch the video and find out. After watching, scroll down and check out a little interview we did with Doc.

How do you think growing up in Woodstock, Ontario influenced your music? How has Ottawa played a role in more recent years?

Growing up on a hobby farm in Woodstock is what brings the country roots and story-telling to my music.  Woodstock is also where I had the major experiences growing up that helped shape who I am. Whereas moving to Ottawa, planting new roots and starting my own family has taught me a lot about myself and what I can do when facing challenges on my own.

You sound so busy being a neuropathic doctor, registered acupuncturist and kinesiologist, how do you even find time for music? What does being in the medical field bring to your music?

I am very busy, but I need music. This is my outlet after long days, difficult cases and a busy family life. Spending time with clients everyday and hearing their stories of joy and hardship opens your eyes to so many different views of the world and life. It changes the way you think and at the same time brings you closer to your own values. This is reflected in many of my songs and writings. I often like to try to get into the mindset of someone else and write songs from their perspective as well.

In what style would you place your music? I get the blues with country influences, but I always like to see what the artist himself thinks of his sound.

The blues undertone drives most of my music and it is that rhythm that pulled me into the art. But as I have made it my own, it has evolved to have a country/folk twist which reflects my own roots. I think of it as backwoods blues.

Could you possibly elaborate a little on the story behind the song? I mean the video paints a beautiful picture, but sometimes videos tell a different story than the actual song.

This song is actually multiple stories and influences combined into one song. The first verse and the chorus reflect a time when I was working around the clock treating patients and renovating a new office. I would leave to work when it was dark and return home when it was dark.  My son was just born and there was six months where I barely got to see him or my wife. It made me reflect back to the times before the extra responsibilities and work, to when things were more simple and we had time together. Fortunately, that extremely busy phase is behind me now.

Are you working on an album? Any shows coming up?

I am back in the studio working on a full-length album. I have some upcoming shows around the outskirts of Ottawa and they will be posted on my Facebook page and website. I am also adding bandmembers and working on a handful of more music videos. Making music videos is something else I have really enjoyed and I like having the excuse to be creative visually as well.