New Video: “Candy” by Pony Girl


Last week Pony Girl released a great new video for their new track “Candy.”

Ottawa’s art-rockers are at it again with an outside the box video concept. This time it is for their new song “Candy,” from their upcoming album Foreign Life which is set to arrive November 7. The song definitely shows the band is progressing and growing, refusing to stay still and recreate the sound of their first album. But fear not, the wonderful melding of male and female vocals is still very prominent.

The video begins with a woman standing in a kitchen in what appears to be a nightgown mesmerized by a computer screen. On the screen there is an ad playing for pizza that reminds me of those late night ads for adult phone lines, but for pizza. She succumbs to the delicious images and orders. Upon delivery of the pizza it gets pretty close to being NSFW as the transaction unfolds and the pizza delivery man can barely control himself. The real question is, does the woman yearn for the man or the pizza?

Watch the below video to find out: