New Video: “Waste” by PINE


Ottawa’s grunge and emo revivalist PINE recently released a great new video and 7 inch split.

First let’s start with the amazing 90s nostalgia that the video for “Waste” conjures up. The music is a great slow build which grows finally topping out with a big rocking finish. On top of all that the video features yellow, green and blue colour overlays of the band performing. I love it. So simple, yet psychedelic, beautiful and it really works having the lead singer or lead instrument of the moment at the forefront. As the song works its way to the climax the fades and overlays become more and more chaotic really driving home and complementing the more aggressive vocals.

The band also released a 7inch split (on really cool looking vinyl I may add) with Dead Leaves from Cleveland, Ohio via Take This To Heart Records. The release features 2 tracks from each band, “Waste” and “Lopri” by PINE and “I’m Sorry, Darling” and “Recycled Air,” by Dead Leaves. This split is a must listen to for fans of bands like Brand New and Balance and Composure. Check out the split below.