New Music: Cry Baby by Thrifty Kids

thifty kids ep

The new EP, Cry Baby, by local surf rock group Thrifty Kids contains one of the early contenders for song of the summer.

The 4 song release starts off with the super catchy and brief “Cry Baby,” which clocks in at just over a minute and a half. It may be short, but it hooked me right away. Musically it makes me want to run for the beach and dance around in the sun with warm sand beneath my feet. It also has an awesome video which features all members of the band eating raw onions and crying. This song will certainly get a lot plays on all my devices this spring and summer and make it onto many of playlists.

The rest of the EP while great is a little slower after coming out of the gate so quickly out with “Cry Baby.” The song that really stuck with me of the remaining tracks and had me bobbing and humming along too with a big smile on my face is “Sail Away.” This is Thrifty Kids’ second release and the band is certainly growing into their own. Their fun and upbeat sound resonates perfect for this time of the year.

Have a listen to Cry Baby below and keep your eyes and ears peeled for the next Thrifty Kids show.