New Video: Runaway Train by The Valveenus


Local three-piece punk band The Valveenus have released a music video for their song “Runaway Train.”

“Runaway Train” is a blistering track off the band’s first full-length album Catalyst which they released last year. Many of The Valveenus’ songs have more of a country-punk twist, but “Runaway Train” is much more punk rock in sounds than country.

The video features old black and white footage of what appears to be an angry drunk man stealing a train and trying driving it to his demise. Luckily for him our hero, his wife? partner? friend?, does everything in her power, jumping from another train and then running on the roof of said moving train to convince him he has something to live for and saves the day. Meanwhile in between the harrowing train chase the camera cuts to the band rocking out in what could easily be one of the train carts.

Check out the video below and don’t blink as the video clocks in at just over two minutes of tense action. If you like what you hear don’t miss The Valveenus playing with Pistols at Dawn, Serenity Now and Reminder at Pressed on October 13th, info here.