New Video: “Hewing Crowns” by Her Harbour


Photo by Jamie Kronick

Her Habour‘s new video for “Hewing Crowns,” the first single off of her upcoming album Go Gently Into the Night will give you chills whether you watch the video or simply close your eyes and listen along.

The black and white footage is dark and eerie just like the Her Harbour we have grown to love the nation’s capital. She has a way of evoking so much emotion and capturing the listener with her incredibly powerful voice and often simple but perfectly executed musicality. The video matches up well with Her Harbour’s signature ambient musing and haunting sounds. It also matches the title very well, as to hew is to either chop or cut with an axe, pick, or other tool or to conform or adhere to. Whether the cutting up of crowns, or conforming to them, both create imagery on their own.

The eerie video, was edited by Mike Dubue (Hilotrons), and is made up of found footage from the 1966 short film based on “Silent Snow, Secret Snow” by renowned American author Conrad Aiken.

As mentioned, “Hewing Crowns” is the first single from the local muse’s sophomore release, and is the oldest song on the album. Go Gently Into the Night is set to release on February 3, 2017 on E-Tron Records. She tells us that the album “is about cycles. I wrote the songs at a time where death felt omnipresent. This album has been my attempt at making peace with death as a character of growing importance in my life.”

I know February 3 is far away, for now you will have to settle for listening and watching the video for “Hewing Crowns” and keeping on the look out for Her Harbour playing live.