New Video: “Changing Scenery” by Jim Bryson


Ottawa based folk singer songwriter Jim Bryson recently released a new video for his song “Changing Scenery” off of his latest album, Somewhere We Will Find Our Place.

It begins with a couple sitting down looking into the camera and the man says: “Your tear ducts are little triangles at the base of your wolf eyes.” the woman replies “Maybe I cry triangular tears… I never watch.”

The video is beautiful, raw and a features a roller coaster of emotions. It is very relatable as the couple goes through fun, love, sadness, mundane, crisis and reunion all within less than three minutes. There is everything from super cute dancing together in the kitchen to screaming alone at the ocean.

One of the lines that really grasped at me was the following line from the chorus “it became you against me, instead me and you against the world.” Anyone who has had a relationship that started very fun and strong, and then eventually left the so-called honeymoon stage and hit some rocky times can certainly feel this video.

It also feels very appropriate that the video was shot in Los Angeles and I think Anthony von Seck does a great job of connecting relationship expectations and the false ideals of Hollywood in an effective yet subtle way. A staunch reminder that things aren’t always easy as they appear on the big screen.

Buckle up for a quick emotional roller coaster set to the beautiful sounds of Jim Bryson’s “Changing Scenery.”