New Video: “Rapids” by The Acorn


Ottawa’s beloved son The Acorn, aka Rolf Klausener, just released a mesmerizing video for the song “Rapids” off his 2015 Polaris nominated album Vieux Loup.

The video, made by Klaus energy himself, begins with drops of india ink falling into water and subsequently dispersing into beautiful dark creations, many resembling pieces from a Rorschach test or the sped-up full life-cycle of flowers. As the video progresses, there is a moment that transported me back to the live launch of The Acorn’s first album The Pink Ghosts. The video glances up at what looks backlit trees,  reminiscent of the scene playing behind the band during that memorable release show at Club SAW many moons ago.

As the vocals kick in the video takes its next step. A paint brush weaves the lyrical script on the screen between more droplets of ink disperse into ever more impressive creations. One of the most picturesque elements of the video is when Klausener plays with negatives and flips the black and white of a spiraling dispersion.

Watch the video below and go see The Acorn perform on January 14th with Gianna Lauren at Pressed in Ottawa, more info here.